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New Look for a New Year

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Updated Miller Brangus website so you can see the quality Brangus sires and dams that are producing cattle you will want to see in your own herd.

Cattle for Sale Section

On the website, you will see the cattle we have in upcoming sales events. Like any cattle ranch, we will also have other cattle for sale by private treaty, so be sure and contact us for the latest information. You may want to plan a trip to see in person or viewing the sale ad and impressive pedigree and EPDs may be enough for you to decide Miller Brangus cattle is a good fit for your herd.

Blog Featuring Updates on the Ranch

Some featured stories on the blog will be new sights on the ranch, upcoming sales, and Miller Brangus featured in the news via television, publications, just to name a few. Anyone driving by the green, rolling Tennessee hills of Miller Brangus can't help but glance over and appreciate the beauty of the land. Although the land is beautiful, what will draw you back again and again is the quality of our product, Brangus cattle. Tune in the blog to see what's going on at the ranch.

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