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Our story begins with Bert & Doyle’s great grandfather, Bill Miller, when Bill only had a few cows roaming the Territory of Oklahoma in the late 1800’s before statehood. Their dad, E.D. Miller, started his journey with cattle at only 17 years old, when he entered into the Cherokee county fair. E.D. took home the first place ribbon that year with his Hereford steer named Tommy.

The Miller brothers and their father have been raising cattle in Waynesboro, Tennessee since 1976, and then their dad decided to purchase their first Brangus bull and heifers in 1981 putting them in the registered Brangus business.  E.D. grew the cattle business from a collection of small farms in the area to deciding to purchase the 2,000 acre ranch that is operating today. He passed away on April 1, 2021 at 92 years of age, but his legacy continues with his family and the operation he built from the ground up.

The Millers have been in the business for almost 50 years, and each year they have grown stronger and stronger. Of course by being in the business for so long, they have experienced mistakes along the way but they have known way more success than setbacks in their many years of the Brangus business.

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